Our Story

Mike and Jonny's journey to founding BackstagePage.com began with a shared desire to shine a light on the stories that often go unnoticed in today's fast-paced media landscape. Fueled by their curiosity and a commitment to journalistic integrity, they set out to create a platform where readers could gain a deeper understanding of the forces shaping our world. Today, their passion for uncovering the truth continues to drive the mission of BackstagePage.com.

Meet Our Founders: Mike and Jonny


Driven by a passion for storytelling and a keen interest in the inner workings of the world, Mike co-founded BackstagePage.com with the vision of creating a platform where the hidden narratives behind global events, technology, and entertainment could be explored. With a background in journalism and a knack for uncovering the untold stories, Mike is dedicated to bringing depth and insight to every article published on the site.


As a tech enthusiast and avid follower of the entertainment industry, Jonny shares Mike’s vision for BackstagePage.com. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of technology and a keen eye for emerging trends in entertainment, Jonny brings a unique perspective to the platform. Together with Mike, he is committed to providing readers with an insider’s view of the world, one story at a time.

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